Black And White Rugs

Large Black and White Rugs

Some people prefer neutral color walls, such as tan, beige, or white. With neutral colored walls, you can decorate the rest of the room to stand out more lavishly. Did your parents just move into a new home and left their dusty old carpet behind? Now with their white walls they need something to liven up their family room. Try a traditional soft Persian design; its a heavy textile hand-weaved with perfection. Each prestigePersian rug shows creativity and ingenuity, and represents nobility and wealth.

This super large black and white oriental rug is 12x 14, hand knotted with the finest wool from New Zealand. It's soft and comfortable, ideal for a family room floor and under furniture. Click the image to be directly linked.

Children bedrooms may require a more bold appearance, large black and white oriental rug designs that stick out even more. This Afghan Chobi design was hand knotted with wool on cotton, and the Hazara weavers used natural vegetable dyes for its vibrant black and white color. Click the image to be directly linked.


Another elegant black and white carpet for your office, corridor, or a gift for your parents may be this Persian Oriental rug. This rug is super lengthy, perfect for a long corridor in a business welcoming each guest. Its made of the finest wool for extra softness. Click the image for more information on this design.

Perhaps you'd be interested in a stylish Nepalese Carpet. Nepalese carpets are weaved by craftpeople with transitional skills that create a modern appearance. Each is designed with wool, and artists use either bold or soft tones for a transitional appeal. Click either image for more information on these large black and white modern rugs. 




Now that you've seen some of the black and white rugs that stand out and create a decorative appearance in any home or office, visit carpets in bazaar. If these items don't fulfill your desires, surf our website to find the perfect rug for you!

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